Overwatch 2: All About Junkrat

Overwatch 2: All About Junkrat

All About Junkrat
All About Junkrat


Junkrat is one of the most popular Overwatch heroes, and his popularity is well deserved. The Australian miscreant can do a lot of damage with his bombs and mines—and he has the ability to jump out of harm’s way at a moment’s notice. Junkrat’s chaotic playstyle makes him one of the most fun characters to use in Overwatch 2 (and besides, who doesn’t love tossing bombs into an enemy fort?).

Junkrat abilities explained

  • “Total Mayhem” is Junkrat’s passive ability. It increases the amount of ammo he can carry, which makes it easier to spam grenades and damage your enemies.
  • “Rip-Tire” is Junkrat’s ultimate ability, which lets him place a tire on the ground that will explode after a few seconds if an enemy gets too close to it. This can be useful for clearing out choke points or areas with lots of enemies in them.
  • “Concussion Mine” is Junkrat’s secondary weapon, which shoots off an explosion when you press RMB (by default). If you throw this at someone, they’re knocked back a bit but take less damage than if they were directly hit by one of your grenades or mines..
  • “Steel Trap” is Junkrat’s first ability, which lets him throw down a steel trap on the ground that damages anyone who walks over it. This can be useful for setting up ambushes or catching enemies off-guard. “RIP-Tire” is Junkrat’s second ability, which lets him place a tire on the ground that will explode after a few seconds if an enemy gets too close to it. This can be useful for clearing out choke points or areas with lots of enemies in them..

Before we dive into some tips and tricks, here are some important things you’ll need to know about Junkrat:

Junkrat is a Damage hero in Overwatch. He is a Defense character in Overwatch 2.

Junkrat is an explosives expert who excels at creating chaos in the enemy ranks. He’s also great at taking out enemy shields and barriers—something that comes in handy when facing off against tanky foes like Reinhardt or Orisa.

Junkrat is also a viable pick when you need to deal with pesky flankers like Tracer or Genji. He can easily take them out with his Concussion Mine and Frag Launcher.

Junkrat tips and tricks

Junkrat is a great character for beginners, especially if you like to throw bombs. He’s also a good choice for players who like mid-range combat and aerial combat.

Junkrat’s bombs are his bread and butter in Overwatch 2, but they can also be used as mines or thrown on the ground to force enemies into bad positions. You can also combine his bombs with other abilities like Concussive Mine and RIP-Tire to create powerful combos.

  • Concussive mines are an excellent way to get into a good position on the battlefield, as well as providing you with valuable information about enemy movement.
  • Junkrat’s damage is spread over a wide area, making it extremely effective against tightly-packed groups. Use this to your advantage by positioning yourself near choke points and flinging explosives at enemy lines.
  • This is a classic: the Steel Trap + Concussive Mine combo! You can place a Steel trap and then attach a Concussive mine to it. The poor enemy who steps on that trap will be in for an unpleasant experience indeed.
  • In addition to attacking the enemy directly, you can also destroy their shields and other defenses.
  • His ultimate ability, the Rip-Tire, is by far his most potent skill. Exploding it between a group of enemies will cause them to take massive amounts of damage and might kill many in one blow!

Junkrat is an easy character to learn, but he can be difficult to master. Because of his low health pool and lack of mobility skills, you should try not to fight enemies head-on unless you have an advantage in numbers or positioning. Instead, use your bombs and mines as distractions while you escape into cover.

Does Junkrat Have A New Ultimate In Overwatch 2?

Unfortunately, Junkrat does not have a new ultimate in Overwatch 2. His Ultimate is the same as it was in Overwatch 1: Rip-Tire.

Rip-Tire is an explosive device that you can aim and launch at whatever you want to blow up. When it hits its target, or when you manually detonate it by pressing R again, Rip-Tire will explode and do massive damage to whatever is nearby. It also makes a very loud noise so that everyone knows where it’s going to go off! There are two ways you can use this ability:

  • Use it on enemies who are running away from battle so they aren’t able to escape anymore!
  • Use your ultimate when there aren’t many enemies around but there might be some coming soon because they know how deadly the RIP-TIRE CAN BE (and they’re probably scared).

Junkrat changes in Overwatch 2

In Overwatch 2, Junkrat has had some changes made to his abilities. His Frag Launcher now has a faster projectile speed and he can now fire grenades from any position (as opposed to only being able to fire from the front), which opens up new options for Junkrat players.

Concussion Mine’s cooldown has been reduced by 20% – this is great for aggressive play since it helps you get more damage out of your ultimates, but also means that you need to be more careful with when you use it because there’s less downtime before it comes off cooldown again.

RIP Tire’s cooldown has been reduced by 25%. This lets you have multiple RIP Tires on the battlefield at once, which makes them much more useful in teamfights as well as allowing some sick combos with Steel Trap

Best Junkrat crosshair settings

  • Crosshair size: Small or medium
  • Crosshair style: Dot, circle or cross
  • Crosshair thickness: A thin 1px line is ideal for Junkrat’s wide spray. You can go up to 1.4px if you want a little more accuracy in your shots, but the smaller the number, the better.
  • Crosshair gap: This can be left at 0 as it doesn’t affect Junkrat all that much. He has an extremely large spread so there isn’t really any need to change it unless you feel like it looks bad with these settings (which would probably only be because of what we have set next).
  • Color: You should make this yellow or orange so that it stands out against most backgrounds and makes aiming easier when playing on Halloween maps like Halloween Terror!

Best cosmetics for Junkrat

  • Best cosmetics:
  • Junkrat’s best cosmetics are his regional skins, which include the Sydney Aztec skin, the Bangkok Beach skin and the Sydney Summer Games skin. These skins change Junkrat’s appearance to match different cultural events in Australia and Thailand. They’re also some of his most popular cosmetics, so you’ll want them if you want your teammates to recognize you on the battlefield.
  • Worst cosmetics:
  • His worst cosmetic is the ‘Appletini’ spray because it makes him look like a drunkard who drank too much vodka at a bar instead of an Australian soldier fighting against Omnics during Overwatch’s short history as part of Blackwatch (the organization led by Gabriel Reyes).

Who Is Junkrat’s Counter?

Unfortunately, Junkrat has a few counters. Sombra is one of them, as she is able to hack him and use her abilities to disrupt his ultimate. Tracer can also dodge his grenades and kill him with her own shots. Zenyatta can do this if you are playing as Mercy or Lucio, but these heroes are popular in the current meta so it’s hard to find an enemy Zenyatta player at times. Genji is also a good counter because he can deflect Junkrat’s grenades back at him and then kill him with melee attacks or close range shots from his shuriken gun (if you’re playing as Genji).

Hanzo Overwatch

Hanzo is a great sniper, but he’s not a good counter to Junkrat.

Hanzo’s arrows travel at a slower speed than Junkrat’s grenades.

When Hanzo uses his abilities, he has to stand still for a few seconds before firing an arrow or throwing his shuriken (the little ninja star things). You can’t run around while you’re using these attacks! So if you see someone trying to get behind cover and fire their arrows at them, they won’t be able to do so while under fire from your grenades. This will stop them from attacking you with their bow—and make it much easier for you and your teammates to take out that pesky sniper!


Junkrat is one of the most popular Overwatch characters, and for good reason. He’s a blast to play and his abilities are extremely flexible. You can be creative with how you use them, too! Junkrat can be played on almost any map and will still perform well, making him a great pick for anyone looking to add some variety into their lineup.


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