How to build-up mental connection with your dog

How to build-up mental connection with your dog
How to build-up mental connection with your dog

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‍How to build-up mental connection with your dog

Mental connection between humans and animals is not a new concept. Many of us probably have read about cases where people formed such strong bonds with their pets that they could sense what the animal was feeling, or even see things through their eyes. This sort of connection is also known as telepathy, and it’s something that scientists have been researching for years. While we may not know exactly how to build mental connection with our pets just yet, there are some ways you can start to form a stronger bond with your dog. The benefits of building a good relationship with your dog go beyond just feeling good about yourself as a pet parent and seeing them as more than just an animal in your home. A stronger bond with your dog can actually help reduce stress and anxiety, while also reducing possible destructive behaviors like chewing on furniture or barking too much when you leave the house.


Communicating with your dog

It’s important to remember that what works for one dog won’t necessarily work for another. You can’t just assume that your dog will respond to the same things as others in the same way. When you first bring your dog home, try to learn about their personality, likes and dislikes, as well as their communication styles. This can be a lot easier to do if you adopt a dog from a shelter or rescues. For one thing, you’ll be able to get all the information about their personality, likes and dislikes just from talking with the people who are caring for them.


Watch for non-verbal cues

Dogs are some of the most expressive creatures in the world. While we may rely on spoken language, dogs use non-verbal communication to convey everything from excitement to boredom. You can use this to your advantage to try and build a closer connection with your dog. Start to pay attention to what your dog is doing — and not doing — and you might begin to notice a pattern. For example, if your dog typically lays down and stays calm when you first get home from work, but one day they are so excited that they can’t contain themselves and are running around, barking and wagging their tail, you might want to check your calendar to see if anything special is going on.


Play games with your dog

Even if you have a very serious, focused relationship with your dog, using games can help you stay connected on a mental level. Dogs are very playful animals, and studies have shown that playing games with your dog can have some pretty amazing results. One study found that playing with your dog once a week can help reduce stress levels in both of you. This can also have positive effects on the bonding between you and your dog. You can play almost any game with your dog that you would play with a child. There are books and websites dedicated to games to play with your dog. There are also toys that are designed to keep dogs fit and healthy. If you want to get even more out of playing games with your dog, make sure you change the type of game you play once in a while. Dogs get bored just like humans do, so the more you keep it interesting, the more they’ll want to play with you.


Build up physical exercise together

Apart from mental exercises, physical activities with your dog can go a long way to strengthening your bond. Exercise is good for both humans and dogs, so find an activity that you both enjoy and start doing it together. You might also consider working out with your dog using a dog treadmill, which can be an excellent way to burn excess energy, stay healthy and bond with your dog. It can be a great way to tire out your dog, so that they’re less likely to engage in destructive behaviors or be hyperactive or anxious when you’re not home. Exercising with your dog is also a good way to burn off any pent-up energy, which can help to reduce stress and be more mindful of your dog. It can also help to strengthen your relationship with your dog, as it can be a great way to spend some quality time together outside of the house.

Hope these ideas will help you as a pet lover, to build-up a strong mental connection with your beloved dog.



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