Rumors About the iPhone 14

Rumors About the iPhone 14

Rumors have been circulating that Apple will be changing its iPhone lineup with the new iPhone 14. While there’s no official word yet, the company has reportedly begun production on the new device in July, which would fit in with the rumored launch date. Some believe this could mean a larger gap between the standard and pro versions of the device. Still, there are plenty of reasons to doubt this speculation. For one, the new phone has a large price tag, while others believe it will be a mediocre phone.

Rumors About the iPhone 14
Rumors About the iPhone 14

Apple has been focusing on sharing in recent years, so the iPhone 14 will probably be a focus for sharing. SharePlay will be added to the Messages app, while iCloud Shared Photo Library will make it easier for those who are blind or visually impaired to use the device. It will also be accessible to the visually impaired, and multiple models are expected to be introduced. After the iPhone 5S, Apple has always shipped multiple models at a time, so expect to see multiple models of the device at launch.

While the iPhone 13 is still an incredible device, speculation is mounting about what the new iPhone will be like. Apple has released a surprising number of leaks, and we’ll have to wait and see. While we wait for official confirmation, we’ll be updating this article often. For now, it’s possible to expect a larger screen and better cameras than we’ve seen in the past. This could be a hint at the next generation of Apple’s flagships.

Some rumors claim that Apple will drop the notch on the new iPhone 14. If so, it will have two cutouts – one on each side of the screen – for added screen real estate. The two cutouts would make the iPhone 14 a standout among modern smartphones. However, many people still doubt this possibility because the company hasn’t confirmed this rumor, so there’s no way to confirm the information.

In addition to the new Apple device, a render of the iPhone 14 has surfaced online. A render shared by 91Mobiles shows the iPhone 14 and its Pro counterpart. The two models would be a bit taller than the iPhone 13 and feature identical notch. However, there’s one difference between the two – the Pro model would have a larger camera bump and a notch. Regardless of which model, this handset will still be an iPhone – the notch is the place to look for Face ID.

While the iPhone 14’s display may be unobtrusive, the rumours about its eSIM functionality are more concerning. As MacRumors reports, Apple has instructed US carriers to prepare for the future of the iPhone by September 2022. In addition to this, some sources have said that the iPhone 14’s power button could not accommodate the traditional nano-SIM tray. However, it is possible that Apple will integrate Touch ID into the power button or display. If it does, the iPhone will likely be all-screen.

Apple is rumored to use an 8K camera in the iPhone 14. However, the new camera is only part of the phone’s design. The camera bumps in the Pro models are much wider and thicker than on the regular models. While the Pro models may sport a 48-megapixel camera, the standard iPhone 14 will not have any major design changes. This is good news for those who love shooting in low-light conditions. However, it is still unclear how the iPhone 14 will perform in the field of low-light photography.

Despite the lack of official confirmation, the rumored iPhone 14 will still come with some great features. While the rumored iPhone 14 is not likely to be available for more than a year, Apple’s yearly iPhone launch is still one of the most important dates on the company’s calendar. It is also possible that Apple will delay the iPhone 14’s release date for various reasons, including an ongoing pandemic in China and a shortage of chip production in the USA.

A new “iPhone 14” would be priced at around $900, putting it just above the pro and entry-level iPhone XR models. If Apple were to drop the price of the “iPhone 14” by $50, this would put the device in the same range as the iPhone 13 mini. It’s likely that Apple will unveil a new iPhone lineup during its September event, and we can expect to know more details shortly thereafter.


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