Weight lifting equipment you should have

Weight lifting equipment you should have


Weight lifting equipment is the heart of any gym. It’s what lets you lift more and better, which means it’ll help you get stronger faster. But just because weight lifting equipment is necessary doesn’t mean it has to be boring or ugly. In this list we’ll cover some of the most popular brands in each category so that you know what to look for when shopping around.

Weight lifting equipment you should have
Weight lifting equipment you should have


The barbell is a must-have piece of equipment if you’re serious about weightlifting. It’s used for squats, deadlifts, bench press, power cleans and snatches; basically every exercise that involves a barbell.

The reason why the barbell is so versatile lies in its ability to be used for both powerlifting and weightlifting. Powerlifters focus on getting stronger by lifting heavier weights with fewer repetitions; whereas weightlifters focus on speed and technique rather than how much they can lift—and therefore use lighter weights with more repetitions instead of heavy ones like powerlifters do. The fact that you can use this piece of equipment for both types of workouts makes it even more valuable!

Weight Plates

Weight plates are the most basic piece of weightlifting equipment. They’re used to add weight to a barbell, and come in different sizes and weights to accommodate your needs.

Weight plates are made from solid steel and have raised numbers on them so you can easily grip them when lifting heavy loads. They’re also very durable, so they won’t break easily like some other materials will—you can count on these bad boys lasting you quite some time! In addition to being durable, they’re easy to store because they stack neatly—no more worrying about how much space you’ll need for all those dumbbells piling up in your garage!

Last but not least, weight plates are super cheap compared to other types of fitness equipment out there (like kettlebells). If you’re looking for something that’s cost-effective while still doing its job well, then this is definitely one option worth considering!

Squat Rack or Power Rack

A squat rack is a piece of equipment that allows you to lift weights in the form of barbells and dumbbells. It has storage shelves for your weights and places to attach them, allowing you to perform various exercises.

A power rack, also known as a squat cage or power cage, is used for the same purpose but allows the user to drop weight from overhead on top of their head or shoulders without risk of injury.

The benefits of using either include:

  • Ease of use
  • Safety
  • Functionality

Bench Press

The bench press is probably the most popular exercise in the weight room. It’s also one of the most important: A well-developed chest contributes to an impressive physique, and strong pectoral muscles allow you to move heavier weights during other exercises like the squat and shoulder press.

The barbell bench press is performed by lying on your back on a flat bench with feet flat on floor or slightly elevated, grip width just wider than shoulder width, and hands gripping bar at outer edges. I recommend using collars because they help keep plates from sliding around during lifts (use them with weightlifting gloves).

With elbows tucked close to body, slowly lower weight down until it touches chest between sternum and nipples (or lower if you want more ROM). Then push upward until arms are straight but not locked out; repeat for desired number of reps—usually 8-10 per set at least 3 times per week with each rep taken slowly enough that you feel some tension in muscle being worked at bottom position (around 75% RM).

Pull Up Bar

You can’t go wrong with a pull up bar.

Pull ups are one of the best exercises to build muscle, increase strength and improve your general fitness. A pull up bar is an essential piece of equipment for anyone who wants to do pull ups at home or in the gym. The different types of pull up bars will all allow you to perform this exercise safely and easily. To help you choose the right one, we’ve put together this simple guide on how to get started with a new home gym setup that includes everything from dumbbells through to weight benches and more!

Dip Station

A dip station is a piece of weight lifting equipment that allows you to do dips. Dips are a great exercise for developing your triceps and chest muscles, but they can be difficult to do on your own. A dip station makes it easy to perform dips by allowing you to hold onto the bar or handles, which gives you better balance than when performing them from the floor. You can use a free-standing dip station at home or take it with you when traveling so that wherever there is a flat surface available, there’s room for you to put in some hard work!

Dip stations also come in various forms—some have bars that go all the way across while others are more narrow (and therefore sturdier). If using one doesn’t feel right yet then try adding weights in between each side before going full force into heavier weights later on down the road!

Apex weight lifting equipment

If you’re serious about weight lifting, it’s important to have the right equipment. There are several brands of weight lifting equipment available on the market today. Apex weight lifting equipment are a well popular brand for their good quality products.

When buying your own set of weights, you’ll need to get a barbell and at least one set of weights in different sizes so that they can be added together when needed. If possible, though not necessary if space is really tight), also consider getting squat rack or power rack with uprights so that multiple people can use one machine at once without knocking each other over! A bench press might also be nice because then no one has to sit on their knees during their workout.”

Apex weight lifting equipment

Samson weight lifting equipment

Samson weight lifting equipment is a great choice for both beginners and experienced lifters. They have a wide selection of products, ranging in all shapes and sizes. Their Olympic barbell, dumbbells, kettle bells, and lifting straps are easy to use, durable and affordable.

Samson’s weight lifting equipment can be used by any level of athlete or fitness enthusiast: from the casual gym-goer looking for an affordable way to get started with their first weights set up through to competitive athletes who want to refine their technique on specific lifts like squats or deadlifts.

Pneumatic weight lifting equipment

Pneumatic weight lifting equipment is a type of weight lifting equipment that uses air pressure to lift the weight. It’s also known as pneumatic resistance, and it’s more expensive than other types of weight lifting equipment.

Pneumatic equipment can be used by beginners or those who are looking for something different from the traditional plate-loaded machines found at most gyms. If you’re interested in trying out this type of machine, look for ones with adjustable settings so you can increase or decrease the difficulty level as needed.

Vintage weight lifting equipment

Using vintage equipment is the ideal way to get started with weight training. Vintage weight lifting equipment is more affordable, durable, reliable and functional than modern-day models. It’s also more aesthetically pleasing and can be easily customized—just think of it as a blank canvas for your fitness goals! Blending in with the rest of your home or office decor is also an added bonus. There are many great reasons to choose vintage over new when it comes to buying exercise equipment:

  • Vintage equipment is highly customizable. With today’s modern products, you may only have one or two options when choosing how much resistance you want from each machine (for example: 10-20 lbs). On older models like dumbbells and barbells made decades ago there were dozens upon dozens of adjustable weights available on each piece so that every person could tailor their workout experience exactly how they needed it to be customized for their own needs.*
  • You can find old school cardio machines at thrift stores or garage sales which means they cost less than new versions would cost at big box stores like Target or Walmart.*

Powertec weight lifting equipment

Powertec is one of the most popular brands of weight lifting equipment.

Powertec weight lifting equipment is a brand of fitness equipment that many weight lifters choose to use.

The power of your lifting equipment should not be underestimated

If you’re serious about weightlifting, having the right equipment will make all the difference. You can lift with a barbell and bench press if that’s all you have, but there are other pieces of equipment that will make your workouts more efficient and effective.

For example, a pull up bar allows you to do some exercises that would be difficult with just the two pieces of equipment above. Pull ups use your own body weight as resistance while also working out your chest muscles and back muscles – two areas that are often neglected by many people because they don’t want to deal with heavy weights or machines.

Another benefit of having a pull up bar is it gives people who aren’t strong enough yet for heavier weights an opportunity to exercise their upper body so they can gain strength in those areas faster rather than waiting until later when maybe there isn’t time anymore due to other commitments such as work or school obligations.”


Weight lifting equipment can help you get fit and strong. It is important to invest in the right equipment for your needs, so that you can meet your goals. It is also important to maintain your equipment so that it continues to be effective and safe for use. I hope this article has helped inform you on what type of weight lifting equipment would suit your needs best!


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